Saturday, September 15, 2012

Dale Henry For Railroad Commissioner

As a rule I do not endorse candidates for public office.  I further have no faith in partisan politics, and do not believe either of the big parties truly represent the majority.  However, every once in a while I meet someone that I respect and trust, and that person is Dale Henry.  I have visited Dale at his home in Lampasas, TX and met his wife, both treated me like they had known me all my life.  They are wonderful people, who treat everyone like their neighbor.

Dale has worked in the oil and gas industry for decades, and unlike most of those who run for railroad commissioner, Dale knows the weaknesses in the drilling and hydraulic fracturing process.  Most of those who run for Railroad Commissioner are career politicians who get their knowledge of the oil and gas industry from the energy lobbyist, but Dale has been there.  He knows the successes and failures of the oil and gas industry.  Dale is also not accepting money from PACs.  Please take a look at Dale's information below:

Dale Henry Information

See Dale's website:

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Energy in Depth, The Cowards of The Oil and Gas Industry

It has now been a few years since my first brush with the oil and gas public relations firm Energy in Depth.  However, they have found it necessary to follow me around the country, and make several attack pieces and post them to their websites along the way.  As time has progressed, the reality of the articles has digressed.  They have went from simply making false allegations and half truths, to making wild and far fetched blatant lies.  They never stand up and actually debate the facts, but rather slither in like the serpents they are, and hide in the shadows hoping that no one recognizes them.  It is a good thing that only the like minded hacks from the oil and gas industry pay any attention to these clowns.  
Here is a little more information on the group:

They first began their smear campaign against me upon my announcement that I would be touring Upstate New York, discussing the things that we were experiencing as a result of the oil and gas industry in our small community of DISH, TX.  There first attack was typical of what I have come to expect of the oil and gas industry paid liars.  They attempted to paint me as some wacko environmentalist, that had some wild agenda.  However, it doesn't take one long to realize that this picture is false, and that what happened in DISH is unreasonable by any terms, and Jethro and Chris would certainly not move their families there.

Over the years, just about every event that I spoke at led to another article or video put out by the gang at Energy in Depth.  I am shocked at the low quality of people this group hires.  These are certainly not the brightest bulbs on the tree, and they come across to the average person as a bunch of paid liars.  On one of my trips to Ohio, the small portion of the presentation that they chose to pick out and attempt to attack, did not even relate to the point they were trying to make, so I am not sure what they were trying to accomplish. 
I suppose they have run out of things to attack, so the latest goon, which was just hired in Michigan, just completely  lied about several facts that didn't even matter.  New Energy In Depth employee Eric Bauss made his way out to all four of my presentations in Michigan.  He obviously stood out, and he even asked a question at one of the presentations.  However, when I asked him if he worked in the oil and gas industry, he said "no".  Perhaps, he is ashamed of where he gets his paycheck from, and frankly I can't blame him.  If my life had turned out differently and I had to work for some second rate group like Energy in Depth, I would deny it also.

Eric seemed nice enough, and during the last presentation some one in the audience pointed him out, and he described his organization as a "fact checking organization".  Perhaps Eric should get someone to check his facts, because in his article there are several "facts" that are wrong.  For example Eric states that there "isn't many oil or gas wells in or around DISH", which couldn't be further from the truth, and is easy to verify.  All you have to do is look at a google map of DISH and you will see hundreds of wells in and around the town.  From the home that we lived at in DISH, there are easily 100 gas wells within a mile.  Perhaps hiring someone to be a paid liar, has a special niche and you simple can't find someone skilled to work in these positions, but the more of these guys that I meet, the less impressed I get.  You can see Eric's lies for yourself here:

I have met many people in the oil and gas industry that I personally liked and respected, but I guess they wouldn't work for a bunch of goons like Energy in Depth.  So they are stuck with guys like Eric, who really probably should be working at a fast food restaurant, no sorry, that may offend fast food workers to put these guys in their category, so hopefully everyone gets the point.       
Energy in Depth has tried to attack Gasland, and the director of the film Josh Fox, but they weren't successful at that either.  They came out with a documentary of their own called "Truthland".  However, they screwed that up also.  The link below shows the real story with Truthland:

The reason that the goons from Energy in Depth come across as paid liars, is because they are.  The reason that they are unsuccessful in attacking Josh and Gasland, is because they are lying.  There are some of us out there speaking the truth, and it is Energy in Depth's job, to attempt clouding the truth, and casting a shadow of doubt, which may work with the section of society that is more concerned with what is happening on their favorite sitcom, than what is happening in their back yard.  But for anyone who is willing to do even a small amount of research, you will find that Energy in Depth, is nothing more than a bunch of paid liars for the oil and gas industry.

It does give me some satisfaction that the industry is spending a ton of money to fund this ineffective group of paid liars, which does nothing more than to rally the industry extremists.  They are not changing anybody's mind, nor are they breaking any new ground for the oil and gas industry.  However, Energy in Depth is wasting a bunch of the oil and gas money, and not making the industry look any better for it.  They are dividing the groups further and further, perhaps for job security.  Also, they are making the industry look more and more like the greedy industry who couldn't care less about those they trample on to get those profits.  For those of you who have managed to get the goons at Energy in Depth to come after you, as a young lady from Pennsylvania once said, "you are creating jobs". 
For those in the industry who fund groups like Energy in Depth, perhaps you would take a little advice - if you don't like being treated like scumbags, don't be scumbags, and certainly don't hire a bunch of scumbags to represent you.  

Calvin Tillman
Former Mayor, DISH, TX
(940) 453-3640

"Those who say it can not be done, should get out of the way of those that are doing it"