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A Five-Year Timeline

A Five-Year Timeline
By William Huston

Also see this excellent piece of Steve Horn, of DeSmogBlog on Truthout:

2007 American Clear Skies Foundation founded (fake charity funded by Chesapeake)


07/08 I find it particularly despicable when these PR folks target children with their propaganda. Like this: Chesapeake Energy publishes "Chesapeake Charlie" coloring and activity book for children.
2009 Steve Shapiro: Certus Strategies publishes and presents: "Managing Stakeholder and Community Resistance to the Marcellus Shale Gas Extraction Project" to the Pennsylvania Natural Gas Summit.

Inside: The goal of Outrage Management is to:

"To engage the objectors and protect the majority from becoming outraged.", in response to both NIMBY outrage and also outrage from landowners who want a better deal:

4/2010 Aaron Price, Red Dragon, Inc. Produces Gas Odyssey, airs on WBNG-TV without sponsorship ID in violation of FCC rules.

04/2010 Not to be outdone by Chesapeake, Talisman Energy creates the character Talisman Terry, prints coloring book for kids showing rainbows and pretty wells in pristine forests with flowers... (abandoned 7/2011)

7/2010 American Clear Skies Foundation (fake charity funded by Chesapeake) Launches Shale Country.

8/2010 George Stark Cabot Oil + Gas PR operative organizes the First Annual PR Picnic. People assaulted for bringing water onsite. Montrose property (school) yet indymedia press were detained by armed private security officers (off duty police, parole officers, deputies, hired as corporate security -- remember the Pinkertons?).

They gave out little bottles of water which stated the source was Somerset Wastewater treatment plant.
(can't make this stuff up, folks! Check the photo below:)

Delicious and Refreshing!
09/2010 A leaked document by the PA Dept of Homeland Security exposed that it had hired ITRR (Israeli private spy agency) to gather intelligence on anti-drilling activist groups, inc. people who watched Gasland, then published bulletins which it sent also toBravo Group which lobbies in Harrisburg.

Here you can see the diverse range of Public Relations activities. Everything from surveillance, infiltrations (this is listed on company literature), and lobbying,.

American Clear Skies Foundation producer "Shale Country" producer HARRIET GORDON GETZELS in Binghamton shooting interviews at Binghamton EPA hearings.

For some reason she is onstage with Josh Fox here in Pittsburgh, while Josh Fox is talking about a media campaign to discredit Gasland: (Jump to the 9m mark):

Aaron Price shoots various events, which shows up in Aaron's second feature "Marcellus Shale Voices" which airs on WBNG 9/2010 without sponsorship ID in violation of FCC rules.

Hey Kids! Who likes CUPCAKES!!!!??? YAYYY!!!

Encana produces propaganda film for children, "A Look Underground", where shale gas drilling is modeled with frosted cupcakes and sprinkles.


Energy in Depth, Marcellus Initiative founded, hires Tom Shepstone as it's campaign field director.


Exxon/Mobil launches a slick marketing campaign to promote every kind of dirty energy, from shale gas fracking to tar sands:


"Do not discuss the chemicals.", advises a page from the Landman's Handbook, discovered or leaked, reveals deceptive high-pressure techniques used by unscrupulous land men (redundant?) to dupe or coerce people into signing dis-favorable leases:


EID Marcellus (Tom Shepstone) begins a series which attempts to discredit legitimate foundations doing public-service work, notably Heinz and Park Foundations, which are funding projects to educate people about the shale-gas invasion, which is guaranteed to severely alter the quality of life of people living within the shale-gas "fairway". They suggest that, among other things, that countless autonomous grassroots groups are actually funded by these foundations which are pushing a radical, anti-business, NIMBY agenda.

In reality, it is EID Marcellus which should be suspect, as they are paid by the Gas industry to lobby and to issue pro-gas PR (public relations/spin/propaganda), some call this profession, "Shills". They operate by attempts to sanitize disasters, shift the blame, discredit the opposition, and make the industry look swell.


NY State Sen. Tom Libous admits using "push poll" technique re:fracking on his constituents in his district. "Do you support safe drilling"? It's a propaganda technique disguised as a poll.

TX-SHARON (Wilson), purchases a ticket to a conference called "Media and Stakeholder Relations Hydraulic Fracturing Initiative", especially for people who are PR operatives in the Gas Industry to attend.

Sharon, who did not hide her identity, used a compact recorder to capture the following:

Matt Pitzarella, a Range Resources spokesman speaking to other oil and gas industry spokespeople at the conference last week,said the company hires former military psyops specialists who use those skills in Pennsylvania.

Matt Carmichael
, manager of external affairs for Anadarko Petroleum, which has nearly 300,000 acres of Marcellus Shale gas holdings under lease in Central Pennsylvania, gave a speech urging industry media spokesmen to read a military counterinsurgency manual for tips in dealing with opponents to shale gas development.

Matt Carmichael, Anadarko Petroleum
Media & Stakeholder Relations Hydraulic Fracturing 2011 Initiative,

Karen Moreau, chair of the NY State Petroleum Council, starts fake charity: Foundation for Land and Liberty and produces, "The Empire State Divide". Another example of a fake charity created to improve the public image of a special interest: gas companies under the guise of protecting "property rights".

Whoops... Moreau conveniently omits the threats to property rights, i.e., eminent domain, compulsory integration, forced pooling, routine violations of privacy and trespass (with seismic and other crews), and threats to home rule which occur when the gas industry comes to town.

Tom Shepstone/EID Marcellus whoppers:

I think the intent here is to say the opposite of any legitimate criticism,
even if it is ridiculous or absurd, in order to shock and stun
the ignorant population (lacking critical thinking skills),
into a state of cognitive dissonance, confusion, and submission.

This reminds me of Orwell's Ministry of Information, with slogans like

War is Peace
Ignorance is Strength
Freedom is Slavery.


Craig Stevens observes that it took 4 years to pit neighbor against neighbor in Dimock.
Whereas in Franklin Forks it took about 2 days. They have their PR Playbook down.
Craig compares it to military propaganda akin to that developed by Joseph Goebbels
a Nazi War Criminal.

For example, while the industry people are all from out of state,
places like Oklahoma, Colorado, Texas, and Wyoming,
they label Craig Stevens and Vera Scroggins "outsiders",
even though they both live about 5mi away each!

I have heard a rumor that Susan Oliver, the WPX PR person
featured in these videos, is a retired US Army PSYOPS specialist,
as yet have not been able to confirm this.

That's it for now. PLEASE SEND ME your candidates for best
PR, Spin, Psyops campaigns....!

Coming soon..
...the Gas Industry PR Playbook
How to turn Certainty into Doubt,
Outrage into Submission....
.... exposed!

Monday, April 2, 2012

More Threats and Intimidation from David Poole, General Counsel, for Range Resources (RRC)

Please see link below. Now David Poole, Senior Vice President and General Counsel for Range Resources, has made personal threats against me through his wife. I am not sure when or where this ends, but Mr. Poole is obviously not handling being exposed for using these tactics to silence his critics very well. I will keep you posted with any new developments and feel free to share. It is likely that the attacks against me will continue and perhaps even escalate, but I will not back down from what I think is right. Hopefully, others will also be inspired to not be intimidated by these tactics. "Together we bargain, divided we beg".

Calvin Tillman
Former Mayor, DISH, TX
(940) 453-3640

"Those who say it can not be done, should get out of the way of those that are doing it"

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Range Resources (RRC) Insider Trading?

During some research I was accomplishing regarding my complaint to the Texas Bar Association on David Poole, General Counsel for Range Resources (RRC), I found that on July 27, 2011, Mr. Poole sold the majority of his Range Resources (RRC) stock. This was only a month after multi-million dollar lawsuit for water contamination was filed in Parker County TX, and a couple of days after the initial story of this lawsuit hit the DFW Media. Also,this was a day after Range Resources (RRC) released their quarterly earnings.

It would stand to reason that the general counsel of the company would have information not known to the public about any litigation that involved the company. He would also know intimate information on whether the company was exposed to any liability on that litigation. He would further know if there were any national media outlets that were preparing stories, because they likely would have called him directly for comments. Another peculiar thing was that only 10 days after the sell off, the stock fell over 20%. To put that in perspective, Mr. Poole owned 33,500 shares according several investing sites, and on July 27, 2011, he sold 27,000 of them at around $64 a share. The stock initially bumped up a couple of dollars, and then fell to a low on August 8, 2011 of around $51. The different in the total of selling the stock on those two days was over $350,000.00 to the benefit of Mr. Poole.

Further investigations show that Mr. Poole was not the only insider that traded significant stock on this day. There were four others that sold a significant amount of stock on July 27, 2011, and another that sold on July 29, 2011. Perhaps , I am giving them too much credit, but it would seem to very foolish to have a bunch of board members dump all their stock at the same time, and not raise questions of insider trading. Therefore, I am hopeful that there is someone who reads this that can better explain what is possibly happening. If there is someone who has an accounting background that can tell me whether or not there is something that should be questioned, or whether this is just a part of normal executive compensation. It certainly seems fishy, but could be something that is normal course of business. In reviewing some of their previous Security and Exchange Commission filings, there are some other peculiar things that I have questions about. Please give me a call or email, if you have some knowledge on the subject and are willing to help me poor through the past several years of Range Resources (RRC) SEC filings. Below are the links to the documents filed with the SEC:

Calvin Tillman
Former Mayor, DISH, TX
(940) 453-3640

"Those who say it can not be done, should get out of the way of those that are doing it"