Saturday, June 23, 2012

Our Response to Range Resources' David Poole

Here is the threatening letter from and our response to David Poole, Senior VP and General Counsel at Range Resources.  Since we responded asking him exactly what false statements I had made about him, we have not heard back from Mr. Poole...complete silence.  As a matter of fact, since the intimidation tactics that Range Resources was using on Texas Sharon became public, it appears that Mr. Poole and the rest of the goons have climbed under a rock to hide.  Or, perhaps Range Resources and their investors finally stuffed a sock in Poole's mouth to keep him quiet.  Also, the Range Resources' bought and paid for judge in Parker County, who got beat in the election, must have climbed under the rock with Poole.  He has removed himself from the case, and is working on going back to his last career, where he belongs.   

Calvin Tillman
Former Mayor, DISH, TX
(940) 453-3640

"Those who say it can not be done, should get out of the way of those that are doing it"


  1. poole seems like he has gone over the edge. his company is more hated than chesapeake because of his poor decisions. they are steamrolling over us in pa. people here only want to be treated fair.

  2. Poole isn't smart enough to keep his mouth shut like most other attorneys on a losing side. Range Resources continues to run over people, and Paid Liars like Matt Pitzarella, who have zero experience in the gas fields, but much experience in twisting the truth, spouting off only facts that they like or completely misdirect the conversation. I used to think one had to be fairly smart to become a General Counsel, and David Poole has proven me wrong with his little boy temper tantrums and small minded veiled threats.

    I just watched that video again of him speaking at the city council meeting, and I don't think it was an accident that he forgot to mention he's the general counsel for Range Resources. I don't think that was known to the mayor and council, otherwise he wouldn't gone down the path of "I live here, too, and I grew up right next to an oil well, and never had a single problem'.

    Maybe what has happened, is that someone much smarter than him-the building custodian, perhaps-let him know that when general counsels get caught in lies, especially when they are part of a publicly owned company, things like that have a tendency to negatively impact the stock. There are scores of people out there that invest in these companies, and all it takes is a David Poole, a senior officer in the company to come out waving the Look at me, I'm a jackass' flag for the company to have a bad day-that turns into a bad quarter. Or, maybe he's been keeping up with his idiot step brother Aubrey, and watched how to piss away a BILLION dollars in less than hour. Then again, they don't have a judge in their pocket anymore, so he might be busy shredding documents.

    Either way, what's done is done, and Poole cannot take it back, he can only hope that it goes away without anyone asking him some hard questions.