Saturday, March 3, 2012

Texas Sharon Needs Help Against Range Resources (RRC)

Sharon Wilson, better know as "Texas Sharon", has been given a subpoena for deposition by Range Resources (RRC) because she has been writing about them on her popular blog, This is nothing more than an attempt to silence Sharon and make sure that she does not saying anything negative about Range Resources (RRC) again. If you remember, Sharon was the person who attended the Natural Gas Industry Public Relations Conference and found that Range Resources (RRC), was implementing military style psychological operations in communities where they were facing resistance, and therefore Range Resources (RRC) is attempting to shut her up for that.

These intimidation tactics are nothing new, Range Resources (RRC) has tried to do the same kind of thing with me, but I manage to avoid a deposition. We need to make a stand against this clear attempt at intimidation, and help her avoid a deposition, which will amount to nothing more than a witch hunt. We need to make it clear that these sort of tactics are not going to shut us up. If we let them get away with this, we might as well give up the fight now, and forgo our 1st Amendment rights. If we allow this industry to turn loose a roomful of high paid attorneys on everyone who exposes them for what they are, do we really want freedom? Sharon has helped support many people around the United States, and provided them with the tools to defend themselves, it is time for us to be there for her.

David Poole, is a Senior Vice President and General Counsel for Range Resources (RRC), and is no doubt the person behind these unethical, immoral, intimidation tactics. David Poole can be reached at 817.870.2601. I would ask that you call him, and simple tell him to "Leave Texas Sharon alone". You can do this anonymously, without giving him your name or any other information. If you would like to send him an email, he can be reached at

The outside law firm that Range Resources (RRC) is using is Harris, Finley and Bogle and the primary attorney for this case is Andrew Sims. The number at this law firm is 817.870.8700. You should also call them and tell them to "Leave Texas Sharon alone".You can also contact them through their website at:

Together we bargain, divided we beg. None of us can match these companies financially; therefore, we must decide if we will stand together when one of us are in need. Making these two quick calls will only take a moment, and will do a tremendous amount to help Sharon. Please pass on this information to as many people as possible, and let's be there for Sharon as she has been for so many of us, and help expose this paper tiger.

Calvin Tillman
Former Mayor, DISH, TX
(940) 453-3640

"Those who say it can not be done, should get out of the way of those that are doing it"


  1. Range Resources has a dog of a case. They are suing the Lypsky's and Alisa Rich because Lypsky sued Range for screwing up his property. They are suing Rich because she suggested Lypsky contact the EPA, knowing the Railroad Commission would do nothing. I take that back-TRRC did do something-they cheered and praised Range for having the courage to stand up to people who think their private property is actually their private property. TRC David Porter refers to people like this as 'unsatisfied landowners'.

    Range is suing because the Lypsky suit somehow 'defamed' them, and 'unfairly portrayed their corporate image'. Good lock with that, Sims. If you would do as Sharon suggested, "Drill Better, Suck Less', you wouldn't portray yourself in a bad light all the time.

  2. I guess you better be careful what you write about people and corporations, especially if it's unproven, unfair or total nonsense, as "Texas Sharon" is finding out. Do you actually think calling a law office and telling the receptionist to tell the lawyers to "Leave Texas Sharon Alone" is anything more than a childish joke? Sounds like something that may happen to the Max Daigle idiot you folks have over there in NB. The poorest province and yet all the complainers about shale gas are welfare check collectors! What a joke, just as this is!

    1. No wonder you're anonymous. You're so absolutely wrong. Nothing Texas Sharon has said is unfair or nonsense. You are uninformed. And "..all complainers about shale gas are welfare check collectors." That is preposterous. Again, you are so wrong and insulting. You do realize that the fight again fracking is being carried out across the country. If there is no proof now, there will be as now people are starting to wake up to how horrible it is.

    2. You're pretty brave there, Anonymous. I'm not from New Brunswick, but I have many, many friends there, and not one of them is collecting welfare or any other government cheque, nor are they idiots although they are against having their water poisoned through fracking. So, perhaps YOU should be careful about what you write about people. Oh. Forget that. You're safe. You're anonymous.

    3. Hiding behind a curtain of anonymity is a testament to your lack of credibility and backbone. Whimpering in the corner only makes you look like a bad joke.

    4. Dear Anonymous,
      It doesn't matter if a poorest province has a lot of welfare recipients or not. Seems likely, if they are the poorest province, there just might be a lot of them on welfare for that reason. So why say "yet"? Verbally, that makes no sense. That being said, why do you even care to point this out? People are people. Rich or poor, the fracking poison affects them all. So, since it is the "poorest province", it would stand to reason that a lot of the complainers might be poor people. Can you find an argument that makes any sense or has any value to the issue at hand, please?

  3. Unfortunately, one bad neighbor drilling company makes the whole industry look bad - makes it look like drilling can't be done in a neighborly manner, protecting the environment and people who live nearby. Too bad.

  4. You are a joke Anonymous....hahahaha Go back to taking your meds.....

  5. Dear Anonymous,
    Your comments are clearly unproven, unfair or total nonsense. I would had to it that they are a complete joke! And by the fact that you post Anonymously, I see that you have issues owning up to your words and idea. I would also guess that you may have something to hide.

    I am a New Brunswicker, land owner and business owner which hires some 40 employees across the Atlantic provinces. I am neither on or have ever received Welfare.

    I am against Fracking and believe the practice should be Banned!

    Inouk Imbeault

  6. I am against Oil Co. just taking my land for FREE. I have NO say & they will be Fracking here as well. THEY say they will drill 3 wells on my small ranch FOR FREE! They say they do not have to pay me $0.01 for it! I told them I will sell my ranch to them & MOVE. They say WHY pay for your property when WE can take it for FREE!!!! SO ANONYMOUS BITE ME!!! I am Leonard POPHAM near Whitsett TEXAS!!! IF you want my address just ask for it!!! better yet here it is for you!!! 900HWY 99 Whitsett TEXAS 78075 I did NOT serve in service for me to get run over buy an Oil Co. or any one else!!!! I could shoot then & I still can!!! EVEN at 64yo MY email if you want that is BUT if you want a piece of me you better hurry up. I plan to die protecting my property this year!!!