Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Challenge

In the next week or so, my home will officially be put on the market. It has been a struggle for me to come to grips with the fact that this would be the best thing for my family. It is apparent that the operators will not take the simple measures necessary to make this a livable area, and the regulatory agencies won't make them. So the only option for me is to attempt to sell my home to protect my family.

There will be some who think that I am overreacting, and will conclude that things are safe here. The latest propaganda, not science, states that with the levels detected, it would take 70 years to get a negative health affect, and it looks like the plan is to make sure we are exposed to those levels for 70 years. Please note that those who say it is "fine", live elsewhere, and do not have to deal with the odor, or the chemical exposure, nor do they have their children waking up in the middle of the night to bloody noses.

Let me first say, that I do not think that it is safe for anyone to live as close as my family does to a site of this magnitude, when it is operated in such a reckless manner. Unfortunately, there are many others who live much closer than I do, to this and other facilities. However, to those who think I am overreacting, I would first say there soon will be a house on the market, and you are more than welcome to make an offer on it. But there was recently reports floating around that stated that there were no natural gas operating company officers that actually live in close proximity to facilities such as this. I find it interesting that, although they proclaim it to be safe, they refuse to live in areas where they have facilities such as the one here in DISH.

I therefore issue a challenge to the executives of the following companies to move to DISH for one year: Chesapeake, Crosstex, Devon, Atmos, Energy Tranfer, Enbridge, Enterprise, or JW Operating. If they would agree to move here with their family and spend every night here, I would work out a deal to allow them to live here for a year at no cost. However, they can not be alone in living here, they must bring their families; their children or grandchildren, and use the home to entertain guests. Maybe they would see how if feels to have to bring your children in the house because of the odor being to strong to enjoy the outdoors, or like another resident who was entertaining over a hundred guests outdoors, and the dehydration units began spewing the familiar odor.

I suspect that if they lived here for a year, they would find, that I am not that unreasonable and may actually take the necessary steps to clean this site up. Also, it needs to be the executive level, because the lower level personnel may actually believe that this site is fine in the manner in which it is being operated. Therefore, we need the one of the officers of a company to live here with their family for a year. This could be a great public relations stunt for one of these companies, and would let them know what they are forcing others to deal with, and who knows, this could be a new reality show. And there is free DISH network, so they won't miss any Thunder games.