Friday, March 5, 2010

Carter Avenue Coverage

Support for Carter Avenue Pipeline Battle

Below is the excerpts from my statement at Steve Doeung's court hearing in Fort Worth on March 4, 2009.

I have been following the Carter Avenue story for quite some time now. It has amazed me that a company would even contemplate putting an un-odorized high pressure natural gas pipeline in the front yards of people’s homes. Homes that people worked hard to buy; where their children play. Not only is this company willing to sacrifice the families on Carter Avenue, but the state has given them the authority to do it against the will of those hard working Americans that live on Carter Avenue.

While following the Carter Avenue story I came across Steve. The battle that Steve has taken on is not for fame or fortune; he is standing up to this 800lb gorilla, because it is the right thing to do. He has tirelessly fought the battle that many do not have the courage or energy to fight. Essentially, he is fighting this battle for us all. I have the deepest admiration for Steve and how far he has gotten on true grit and determination.

We have had our own battle in DISH to fight, and I see several similarities between the battles. We are a very small community trying to take on this massive industry. It has been a difficult fight, and we have made some ground, but any gains has come slowly and with a price. That is why I admire Steve so much; he has fought this battle alone, and has been nothing short of amazing. Steve is the real David in this battle against Goliath, and he has a smooth stone left in his pocket.

Chesapeake Energy spends millions of dollars trying to make everyone think that they are good neighbors. Why don’t they just try being good neighbors for a change? Instead they act like arrogant bullies, who rape and pillage and leave a wake of destruction in their path. Chesapeake, there is a better way to do business, and whether you win or lose this court battle …you lose. The public relations nightmare is only going to get worse for you. You are already universally hated, why not trying to do the right thing for once? If you steal this man’s property it will cost you ten times the amount of moving the line somewhere else in the public relations you will have to repair.

Chesapeake has a habit of going into an area and doing business as poorly as possible and destroying not only their own reputation, but the reputation of the entire industry, and then selling their interest and moving on. This is the same strategy they are employing here. When it becomes apparent that they are not doing the right thing, and regulations are imposed, they threaten to go somewhere else, just like they are doing now. Chesapeake is threatening to move their operations to the Marcellus Shale…I just got back from a visit to that area and I hate to break it to you Chesapeake, they don’t want companies like you either. This was apparent a week or so ago when they ran Aubrey McClendon out of a meeting where he was speaking. Chesapeake is a very poorly ran company that has sold off everything of value…and they are running out of things to sell. What will happen then? They are one wrong move from going into bankruptcy, and this may just be that move.

Where is the city of Fort Worth at on this matter? I would never let this happen to a citizen in DISH without a fight from me personally. Why hasn’t city leaders help the citizens they represent? When will we finally start giving the citizens the rights that they deserve? When will we even the odds for the hard working people in this area? When will we not let money be the power that decides who gets sacrificed and who does not? There is a better way to do this; it is time we start doing it.

I hate to be the one to break it to our friends at Chesapeake, and Fort Worth. The voices are getting louder, and the numbers are getting larger. It is time…it is time…for this to stop. It is time that we start doing this right. It is time that people start to matter…all people. I stand by Steve, and I stand by all that support Steve. Together we bargain, divided we beg.

Monday, March 1, 2010

TPA Backs Off

Wanted everyone to know that the attorney for the Texas Pipeline Association has sent a letter informing us that they will not be asking for the names of those that have donated to the town's legal fees (they also told us that they would be good neighbors, and we know where that went:). Not sure why the change of heart, maybe it was the phone calls. If they would only clean up the mess they made, instead of attacking me, we would both be better off. Thanks again for the support.