Thursday, October 15, 2009

DISH TX Air Study Media Stories

There has been some media coverage of the air study. I have been drafting my comments on the study and will share them real soon. However, I am having difficulty dealing with all of the stories of citizens here who may have health problems related to air study. Please remember that we have less than 200 people and almost everyone here has some symptoms that could relate. This is very disturbing for me as a community leader, and the citizens here are like family to me.

Below are the media links that I have seen. Please share others in the comments if I miss some. Thanks for every one's support, it is tough for me as a leader in the community, to feel helpless on this matter. Your support is important to give me the will to fight on.

I have a couple of more interviews lined up, so I will add them when they come out. There were also several other interviews that I did and never heard the final story. I urge everyone to continue to spread the word about this air study. There are thousands of people affected across the country by similar sites. Everyone needs to know that there is at least a possibility of toxic chemicals coming from sites such as these. Thanks again.