Sunday, April 19, 2009

Railroad Commission of Texas Allowing Natural Gas Poisoning DISH, TX

For the past several years, there has been an almost constant odor of natural gas surrounding the Town of DISH, TX. This led most of us to wonder about the dangers of inhaling this on a constant basis. We have complained multiple times to everyone that would listen to us, including the Railroad Commission of Texas, the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality, Environmental Protection Agency, as well as to the operators themselves. However, we have not gotten a great deal of relief for the odor. The companies, will do some work and the smell will subside for a while, but in a few months it will come back and gradually get worse, and worse, until it over powers us and we scream, and the process repeats. When we complain they commit to several things, such as notifying us when they have a known release, but after a short time that stops, and we just have the smell.

One of the main reasons that I have tolerated this is that we have been assured by the industry that what we smelled was only the odorant, and therefore we had nothing to worry about…no health risks. The story is that the natural gas goes straight up into the atmosphere, and therefore, we had nothing to worry about, other than the constant nuisance.

We are also fortunate enough to have a metering station that adds the odorant to the gas here; therefore, at least a few of the 10 or 11 high pressure gas lines that come in and out of DISH are un-odorized. This facility has had several instances of spilled or overflowed odorant which is horrible to breath and smell. This constant odor has led many here to become complacent with the odor, and frankly some have assumed that is was only odorant, so if there was a real gas leak in there home, they would just assume that is was the facilities they have here.

This has always concerned me that this level of complacency was dangerous; however, neither the industry nor the regulatory body appears to feel the same.Although, the story that is told by the industry as well as the regulatory body sounds very convincing, I think back to a statement made by Ronald Reagan when talking about the Soviets, he said we need to "trust but verify" their actions. Therefore, I have made an investment in a combustible gas detector, and believe it or not the very first time I used it, I got a positive reading. I wonder if that means that we have really been smelling gas for the past several years? If you read the Material Safety Data Sheet for natural gas it has some health affects that are pretty disturbing, and we are likely being exposed to it. Also, this concerns me because I have small children that are also being exposed to this product, and whatever effect it has on an adult, I will be much greater on small children.

On the advice of someone, I called the Denton County Health Department to report this apparent constant leaching of natural gas. Unfortunately, they were unable to help me with this, because all of the authority in this case has been given to the Railroad Commission. I have called the Railroad Commission on literally hundreds of occasions to get them out here to do something, and to my knowledge they have never seen this facility, nor do they even know the location of DISH, TX. Therefore, I tried the next logical step, which is the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, to help. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has actually been out here to look around, but they were apparently told to mind their own business, because nothing has happened, and they are not returning phone calls. One last shot...the Denton County Fire Marshall, surely he could help. He too was very sincere, and acted as though he wanted to help. He was to come out and assess the situation; however, I have still been unable to get anything accomplished, so it looks as though we are waiting for a catastrophe before we do anything.

Another major concern is that the meter that I purchased is a "combustible gas detector"; therefore, one could logically come to the conclusion that whatever it is detecting might ignite. So, we have 10 large high pressure gas lines intersecting here, which each claim to carry a billion cubic feet of day, which comes to 10 billion cubic feet of gas going through here every day. If there were ever to be an ignition source, this would be Lake DISH, instead of the Town of DISH. Now I am trying to be light hearted about this, but that terrifies us here, because we know that if that happens we are all dead. There would be very little chance that anyone would survive such a blast for miles around the facility.

In many high risk industries there are processes and procedures that are put into place to prevent a catastrophe called system safety. One example is the medical field, where two doctors must confirm which side a surgery will be on by actually signing the body part in question. This happened after several instances of performing surgery on the wrong body part, or on the wrong side of the body. However, there have been thousands of pipeline explosions, and they still allow a scenario that exists in DISH to happen. To make matters worse, one of the sights actually have a barbeque grill on the sight, surrounded by no open flames and no smoking signs. I have not seen them actually cooking something or I would have run for my life, but right in the middle of ten billion cubic feet of natural gas is a barbeque grill. I cringe when I turn my own grill on a half a mile away.

We are being put in harms way by these companies, and there is nothing or no one that is going to do anything about it. As previously mentioned the Railroad Commission has been notified on multiple occasions and has not yet done anything that is apparent to prevent this catastrophic event from happening. I have added some links to stories that highlight the inadequacies of this organization. As most of you know the Railroad Commission, is comprised of three commissioners that are elected. These elected officials take hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from the industry that they regulate. Therefore, the deck is stacked against communities like DISH to live a safe and prosperous life. There have also been confirmed instances of the Railroad Commission turning their back on known safety issues, which led to the deaths of the people they are sworn to protect. There was a special on the national PBS show Bill Moyers that is the clearest illustration of this failure. Also the local television report for WFAA, Brett Shipp has done some remarkable stories on the Railroad Commission.

The Railroad Commission was not founded to provide safety oversight of this industry, nor is it equipped to do so.When the Railroad Commission is called for an emergency such as a strong natural gas odor, or a relief valve going off in the middle of the night, you first get an answering service which takes your information. It will be some time later, if at all, and then you might actually talk to someone from the Railroad Commission. This conversation usually does not amount to much, they ask questions, like is anybody dead? Does the media know? However, they ask for you to do all of their work for them. The ask you to give them the names and numbers of who they can call at the companies, and they will never actually offer to come here.
For the most part the individual you will speak to, will be located in Houston, Corpus Christi or Austin. Therefore, even if they wanted to see the facility, it would not be possible.

On one occasion, I called the Railroad Commission after I had already called the operator to report a relief valve blowing of, and the employee actually asked, "what more do you expect me to do?". On another occasion I was told that the company could allow a relief valve to blow volatile natural gas for 24 hours before they were required to shut it off. Not much system safety going on here, nor is there any verifying, just trusting. Also, it might be interesting to take the industry views on risk management. I suspect you would get a lot of information on financial risk management, not so much on safety risk management. If they have any idea what that is, they are not showing it in their action in DISH.

The industry of course would like to see the Railroad Commission be the only entity that it answers to. However, as previously mentioned, the Railroad Commission has not proven that it can handle to tasks it already has. If the State of Texas gives more responsibility to this organization, it will be a monumental mistake, which will affect this area for generations to come. It is clear that this organization is the "lapdog" of the industry, not the regulator. It certainly appears that when these safety risks are brought up, everyone sticks their heads in the sand and waits for it to go away.

I have notified the companies and the Railroad Commission of the positive detection of natural gas, and I am not aware of any actions that are being accomplished to prevent the imminent catastrophe. The companies themselves are having barbeques, just tempting the theory of natural gas exploding, and the regulatory body does not even know where DISH, TX is. Isn't this a nice situation to be in?

So in closing, DISH TX sets in the middle of 10 billion cubic feet of natural gas, and at any given time their is combustible gas that lingering around the entire area, we are dependent upon an organization that gets more money from the industry it regulates than the taxpayers who they are supposed to protect, and all other organizations are preempted from safety concerns for this facility. Therefore, the fate of the citizens here really comes down to a bean-counter at a corporate office. If they determine it is more cost effective to blow up the town, and opposed to being safer, then that is what they will do. They have made the financial decision with someone's life in the balance before, and people are dead because of it, but they are still in business, why would they stop this action now. One thing that could happen, but not likely, is that someone who actually cared about the safety of the taxpayers could get elected to the Railroad Commission, and maybe then some things would change. You know come to think of it, I would make a good Railroad Commissioner, what do you think? Below are some links to articles and news reports about pipeline explosions and the Railroad Commission. Again I thank all of you who support us here in DISH, and feel free to pass this on. For those who get this via email please see the attached photo of the barbeque grill, and if you post it please show the photo.

Enterprise Pipeline Running Scared

Here in the Town of DISH we are at the crossroads of almost a dozen high pressure natural gas pipelines, as well as an equal amount of gathering lines. We are also home to 11 compressors, and 3 metering stations. One of the companies that have already put in a pipeline; Enterprise Texas Pipeline, were proposing to put yet another metering station in our community. Now with the constant attack on our personal property rights, noise, odor, gas company employees using our roads as a drag strip, as well as many health impacts that we are not currently apparent, most of citizens here have the opinion of "don't go away mad, just go away". It looks as though Enterprise Texas Pipeline has decided to go away, although they are likely mad.

On the surface this may look like a victory here, and with what we have here, any relief is welcome.With this apparent victory there will be a downside. Enterprise Texas will be putting their facility in, just not in the corporate limits of DISH. This eyesore will likely be moved just outside of the DISH corporate limits and be in somebody else's backyard. You see the Town of DISH attempted to have Enterprise Texas meet minimum aesthetics standards that we are allowed to do by law. However, it appears as though they do not wish to meet these minimum standards.

They will move their site a quarter of a mile, and not install noise abatement, reasonable fencing, or minimal landscaping. It will have a conglomerate of above ground piping surrounded by a cheap chain-link fence that does not hide the ugliness of the site. So in short this will devalue and ruin the property values, and quality of life of those who live just outside our corporate limits. Therefore, there will still be pain and suffering by hard working people, only it will likely be much worse that before.

I have mentioned Enterprise Texas before, if you recall they are the company who chose to hire the downtown Dallas law firm to attempt to intimidate us into rolling over, instead of trying to work with us in good faith, they ran up our legal fees and insinuated litigation. So it is not surprising that they would run, instead of really trying to be a "good neighbor". This is not a new theory; these companies tend to migrate to areas where there is little chance of being forced to be responsible, or to an area where the neighbors can't afford to fight them. Unfortunately, they typically get away with this tactic without any repercussions. As previously stated, to fight these companies in a civil suit is extremely expensive. It could be as much 25,000 to 30,000 dollars upfront to get a decent lawyer, with no guarantee of getting anything back. So those who can not afford to risk spending that kind of money on legal fees usually end up with this trash in their back yard, i.e. Carter Avenue in Fort Worth.

If you look at the wealthy neighborhoods, they will not be forced to deal with this mess; the companies just go around. And I must point out that, the people in DISH, on Carter Avenue, all over Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York who live near these facilities are hard working, honest people, who pay their taxes, and are trying their best to achieve the American Dream. However, to achieve that dream is much more difficult if you are sacrificed by big energy, if it is your area that suffers for the "good of the shale".

I have notified those who live just outside our corporate of the nightmare that is about to move in next door. However, it is unlikely that they will be able to do anything about. That is except for welcoming their new neighbors, and their relief valves that release at all hours of the night, and raw un-odorized natural gas that will be lingering in the area. Unfortunately, we have no say so in what goes on outside of our corporate limits and this bunch knows that. This why there must be a standard that applies to these companies whether they are in the corporate limits of a city or not. Please share this with whom ever you like.

Friday, April 10, 2009

A Million People

When the Town of DISH, TX passed a resolution asking the Texas Legislature to give the municipalities greater local oversight of natural gas pipeline companies, I hoped this quest would help small communities gain more input in the locations and conduct of natural gas pipeline companies. However, the response that I have gotten has been shocking. The total population of the municipalities that have passed the resolution just broke one million people. The populations rage from 89 to over 700,000, which highlights the need for all cities and towns. These are only the municipalities that I am certain have passed the resolution. It will be on several more agendas before the legislative session begins in January, and others may have passed it and not yet sent us a copy. Please see the municipalities and populations below. Some of these were as of the 2000 census, and all were gotten off the internet, so they may not be exact. However, I believe that the estimates are low, and they do not include the Texas Municipal League's Resolution committee, which represents over a thousand Texas towns and cities. And though some cities did make minor changes to the resolution, and most of us see the benefits of the Barnett Shale, we all agree that changes need to be made to the current situation.
Little Elm
Lake Worth
Pilot Point
Corral City
Village of Volente
Fort Worth
Lake Bridgeport
Total 1,010,914

Calvin TillmanMayor, DISH, TX
(940) 453-3640

"Those who say it can not be done, should get out of the way of those that are doing it"

Another Lie?

I continue to bring up the negative illustrations of the impact the numerous pipelines, compressors and metering stations which have forced themselves upon our small community. In fighting the last four years, it has been a hope of mine that at some point the assault on our rights would stop. However, it is becoming more and more apparent that the blows from this industry will continue. Many of you have seen the massive compressors, metering stations and pipelines that we have here. If you could have seen this area five years ago, the footprint was very small. Unfortunately, this sight grows more and more every day. Atmos Energy decided to put their facility here, and unfortunately for us, if you want to sell natural gas to Atmos, you are going to bring it here. Atmos really started this mess, as some describe, they were the camel's nose in the tent, and from there it exploded and has destroyed the better part of 70 acres of good land. However, it appears as though it is only the beginning, as there is more on the way. When one of these companies come sniffing around, they too just stick their nose in the tent, and send there paid liars to tell you that a small facility is all it is going to be...and then you hear the rest of the story much later. They tell you that there will be a facility that you will hardly even notice such as Crosstex energy told us a year and a half ago. They tell us that there will only be a small building, that houses a small compressor, and if that was the end, it wouldn't have been bad. However, now they want to put in some other gas processing equipment that has a couple of tanks that are forty feet high...yes forty feet! So once again the Town of DISH, gets kicked, and they won't even let us get up. Once they get through with their continued assault, there will be one of the other companies coming to share the bad news of their expansion. It seems as though there is little we can do to stop constant violation of our civil rights. How is it that a for profit company, can decide that we here in DISH are the ones whose property becomes worthless? How is it that our peace and quiet here in DISH is destroyed, for the greater good? How is is that we have to deal with natural gas releases in the middle of the night during a lightning storm (which sound like a jet engine at full throttle)? I foolishly thought that we had protections from these assaults, left to us by the founding fathers of this great nation. I don't recall the story in the history books that told of the for profit company, who could destroy your way of life, you property rights, and quite possible your health, as many of you know better than me. I was not a great student, but I did manage to stay awake in history, how could I have missed this? It has now become clear that "enough is enough", is not a theory these companies believe in. They somehow have been given the power to violate the common people's rights, and have taken it so far as to believe that they are justified in doing so. I wonder from time to time how they sleep at night? What do they tell there families when they go home at night? Do they tell them that they swindled someone out of there land? How bout the person that lost there retirement which they invested in the property that they threatened into signing over to them? Do they tell their families those stories? More likely, they tell them what good neighbors their prospective companies are, or better yet they tell the story of the great product, and how nice it feels on a cold morning, when that clean natural gas fires up. . Clean natural gas? Come look at the by-products of that clean natural gas here in DISH and judge for yourself. As always, I will do everything I can do, to soften the blow for the citizens here, but it will not be enough. It won't be long before every camel has their entire body in the tent at our expense. As always, please share this with whoever might be interested. ..
Calvin TillmanMayor, DISH, TX(940) 453-3640"Those who say it can not be done, should get out of the way of those that are doing it"